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Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office has been around since the mid-80s and once consisted of three core products: Excel; PowerPoint; and Word. 

Microsoft applications have come a long way since their introduction and have added several programs to their repertoire, as well as developing each platform into highly capable office tools. 

Arguably the most important computer and tech skills to master, MS Office products are so comprehensive in their capabilities that having an in-depth knowledge of them is advantageous to any corporation, small business owner or entrepreneur, enabling them to become a Microsoft Office specialist.

  • Automate documents with Microsoft Word 2021 training courses.

  • Conduct powerful analysis with MS Excel expertise.

  • Never lose an audience with advanced PowerPoint knowledge.

  • Manage emails, projects and calendars with the Microsoft Outlook course.

  • Collect and manage data for your business when you learn Microsoft Access. 

By enrolling on this Microsoft Office course, you can harness all that these apps have to offer and develop end-to-end MS Office 2021 skills, gaining a fundamental understanding of the five Microsoft courses.

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Freedom & flexibility to learn in your own time
  • Join a community of over 625,000
  • Experience Level: Beginner & Intermediate
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Freedom & flexibility to learn in your own time
  • Join a community of over 625,000
  • Experience Level: Beginner & Intermediate
About the Course
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Course Details

This package contains the following Microsoft Office Courses:

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Word 2021

This Microsoft Word training course consists of 3 sections

Total hours: 26-38 

Course 1: MS Word 2021: Introduction

 Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to the Word environment

  • Opening and viewing documents 

  • Navigation pane and keyboard shortcuts

  • Editing and formatting text

  • Borders and shading

  • Page setup

  • Corrections and language settings

  • Header and footer

  • Printing 

Course 2: MS Word 2021: Intermediate 

Learning outcomes

  • Basic settings 

  • Customising navigation panes and shortcuts 

  • Custom styles and templates

  • Creating and sorting lists 

  • Tables

  • Charts 

  • Inserting and editing pictures and screenshots

  • Inserting and formatting shapes and graphics

Course 3: MS Word 2021: Advanced 

Learning outcomes

  • Watermarks 

  • Advanced formatting 

  • Inserting symbols

  • Cover pages

  • Auto text 

  • Find and replace

  • Subdocuments

  • Automatic and custom table of contents

  • Captions and footnotes

  • References, bookmarks, and hyperlinks

  • Text translation and reading aloud

  • Envelopes and labels

  • Mail merge

Microsoft Excel 2021

This Microsoft Excel training course consists of 4 sections
Total hours: 38-60

Course 1: MS Excel 2021: Introduction 

Learning outcomes

  • Basic Microsoft Excel operations such as opening a new file and saving one.

  • Manipulating and adjusting worksheets

  • Data entry and cells

  • Copying and formatting, including conditional formatting

  • Creating tables

  • Basic formulas

  • Charts and instant data analysis

  • Pictures and printing in Microsoft Excel

  • Customisation of settings

Course 2: MS Excel 2021: Intermediate 

Learning outcomes

  • Manipulating sheets across multiple workbooks

  • Advanced copying, pasting, and formatting

  • Using references in Microsoft Excel functions

  • Advanced conditional formatting

  • Function library and function applications

  • Cell errors and how to check them

  • Data validation

  • Filtering and sorting

  • Finding, replacing, and removing specific data

  • Splitting text into columns

  • Flash fill

Course 3: MS Excel 2021: Advanced 

Learning outcomes

  • Quick analysis using sparklines

  • Creating and formatting charts

  • Insertion of graphical elements such as shapes and SmartArt

  • Use of review tools such as proofing, tracked changes, and comments

  • Various workbook views

  • Page setup in Microsoft Excel

  • Workbook protection

  • Creating and using templates

  • File saving and compatibility

  • Macros

Course 4: MS Excel 2021: Expert Tools

Learning outcomes

  • Advanced data validation and filters

  • Database functions

  • OFFSET function

  • SUBTOTAL function

  • Advances IF functions

  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions

  • INDEX and MATCH functions

  • Importing external data

  • Microsoft Power Query

  • XML data

  • PivotTable

Microsoft PowerPoint 2021

This Microsoft PowerPoint training course consists of 3 sections
Total hours: 19-31

Course 1: MS PowerPoint 2021: Introduction

Learning outcomes

  • Basic navigation

  • Creating a presentation

  • Text boxes

  • Formatting slides and text

  • Borders and shading

  • Inserting pictures and shapes

  • Editing pictures and shapes

  • Advanced objects manipulation

  • WordArt tools

  • Symbols

  • Equations

Course 2: MS PowerPoint 2021: Intermediate 

Learning outcomes

  • Inserting and editing tables

  • SmartArt graphics

  • Inserting and editing charts

  • Adding audio

  • Adding video

  • Footers

  • Importing data

  • Editing and manipulating slides

  • Autocorrect, proofing and comments

  • Comparing and combining presentations

  • Finding and replacing text and fonts

Course 3: MS PowerPoint 2021: Advanced 

Learning outcomes

  • Speaker notes and presenter view

  • Slide transition

  • Animations effects

  • Assigning actions to objects

  • Hyperlinks

  • Timings

  • Slide show settings and customisation

  • Saving a presentation

  • Print settings

  • Custom templates and themes

  • Custom programme settings

Microsoft Outlook 2021

3 courses
Total hours: 17-29

Course 1: MS Outlook 2021: Introduction

Learning outcomes

  • Layouts and views

  • Reading and composing messages

  • Email attachments

  • Replying and forwarding

  • Signatures

  • Mail folders and subfolders

  • Flagging, tracking and searching

  • Use rules and quick steps to manage messages

  • Mail settings

Course 2: MS Outlook 2021: Intermediate 

Learning outcomes

  • People view

  • Address book

  • Contacts and assigning them to messages

  • Contact groups

  • Calendar

  • Creating different kinds of appointments and events

  • Managing calendar items

  • Sending calendar

  • Tasks

  • Journal

  • Notes

Course 3: MS Outlook 2021: Advanced 

Learning outcomes

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Accepting and editing meetings

  • Adjusting meetings on your calendar

  • Assigning tasks

  • Viewing colleagues calendars

  • Sharing Outlook data

  • Delegate access

  • Working offline

  • Outlook data files

  • Setting up an email account

  • Creating and sending custom forms

  • Advanced custom forms

Microsoft Access 2021

3 courses
Total hours: 22-34

Course 1: MS Access 2021: Introduction

Learning outcomes

  • Introduction 

  • Tables

  • Data types and input

  • Referential integrity

  • Searching and editing records

  • Sorting and filtering data

  • Queries

  • Lookup columns

  • Automatic creation of forms

  • Report creation

Course 2: MS Access 2021: Intermediate 

Learning outcomes

  • Copying and importing external data into tables

  • Use of queries in Access

  • Complex functions

  • Advanced tables

  • Totals

  • Advanced sorting and filtering data

  • Design View

  • Creating and editing forms

  • Creating subforms

  • Restricting data editing

  • Grouping and summarising data

  • Advanced reports

Course 3: MS Access 2021: Advanced 

Learning outcomes

  • Updating queries

  • SQL language

  • Queries in SQL

  • Form creation

  • Macro basics

  • Macro functions

  • Splitting a database

  • Advanced data import and export

  • Object dependencies and properties inheritance

  • Navigation

  • Data normalisation

  • Printing

  • Privacy and security

At the end of each MS Office training course, you will sit a final test where your knowledge across all modules will be checked. In each test, you will have 30 mins to complete 40 multiple-choice questions. 

Are the Microsoft Office courses right for me? Whether you’re a student, employed, or an entrepreneur, this online Microsoft Office training is a great choice. In-depth knowledge of the full suite of applications will give you limitless possibilities for growth, whether it be personal or business. Microsoft’s versatility and excellent reputation makes it a great collection of platforms to invest time into learning.

  • Become competent in the latest version of the full Microsoft Office suite.

  • Experience total flexibility by learning at your own pace through an online portal and study from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Improve digital literacy by being able to use popular presentation software options such as PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office software at an advanced level.

  • Advance your career with these essential skills.

  • Optimise your work strategy by finding more efficient uses of MS Office Suite.

  • Improve digital literacy by learning to manage email and maximise the Outlook platform.

  • Advanced collaboration options on all Microsoft Office platforms.

  • Elevate your career and earning potential with Microsoft skills. Continue your learning journey with our Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word courses.

  • Learn at your own pace by taking Microsoft Office lessons online, giving you the opportunity to study when and where you want.

Why is it important to have Microsoft Office skills?

Businesses large and small use Microsoft Office for their day-to-day operations, whether it be accounting, admin, sales, or communications. Most jobs will require you to have a basic knowledge of the Microsoft suite and many will further benefit from advanced skills.

How important is learning Microsoft Office in your daily lives?

Being proficient in MS Office 2021 is important for students, employees and business owners. The tools included in this suite of programs can simplify tasks, improve collaboration and increase the quality of output.

Do I need to learn Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office courses can help to equip you with a range of skills such as report writing, database management, project management and time management.

How can I improve my Microsoft Office skills?

Mastering all the applications in MS Office means studying and practising. By taking online Microsoft Office courses with e-Careers, you can begin your journey to improving your Microsoft Office skills.

How hard is it to learn Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office courses make learning this software easy. By taking a course with a Microsoft Training Partner, you can be sure that the course content will be to a high standard.

How long does it take to learn MS Office?

With this course, you could learn advanced skills in all the Microsoft Office applications in around 2 weeks.

How do I become an MS Office 2021 expert?

Our Microsoft Office training combines 5 programs with 3-4 courses: introduction, intermediate and advanced (and expert for Excel). By completing your learning, you will have all the knowledge to become an MS Office 2021 expert.

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