Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Querying SQL Server (70-461)

Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Querying SQL Server (70-461)
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The Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2014 – Querying SQL Server 2014 Exam 70-461 is the Microsoft exam that deals in the SQL Server 2014 edition for querying SQL Server.

The course is ideal for SQL Server Database Administrators, System Engineers, Developers and other IT professionals who are looking to develop or validate technical skills in writing queries using the SQL Server systems.


  • The basics of SQL Server 2014 and a prime on SQL databases
  • Different System Databases (Master, MSDB, Model, TempDB) and user created databases
  • Categories of T-SQL statements
  • Table creation with T-SQL
  • Maintain consistency within a database by using constraints
  • SELECT queries
  • Using JOINs to return data from multiple databases
  • How to implement subqueries
  • Different implementations of aggregate queries
  • Querying SQL using Synonyms, Intersects, and Excepts
  • Data Access technologies including like SQL Server Native (SNAC), ADO.NET, JDBC drivers, and Microsoft drivers for PHP
  • How to query and manage XML data
  • Different data types when planning database structure
  • What stored procedures are and why they are used
  • INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements in SQL Server 2014
  • How to combine datasets
  • Creating and working with functions
  • Optimisation queries
  • Dynamic Management Views and JOIN, QUERY, and Table hint types
  • Transactions to ensure database integrity
  • Evaluate the use of row-based operations vs. the set-based operations
  • Errors and error handling in SQL Server 2014


  • Learn how to query SQL servers to set the foundations to database administration, development or business intelligence for analytics purposes
  • 24-hour access to the course content for 12 months allowing you to study anytime, anywhere for maximum convenience
  • Two expert course instructors will lead you through the ins and outs of querying SQL Server 2014 with materials that you can study at your own pace
  • The course includes a virtual lab to practice your SQL querying skillset in a practical, risk-free virtual environment
  • A practice exam is included, so you can prepare for the official 70-461 exam with confidence that you’ve tested yourself aligning to the exact criteria
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